The idea

"To produce breast pockets out of fabrics from all over the world, so that the stories of the people and their fabrics continue to live!" - that's the idea of Van Dalism. If you want to know, what makes your VD original so unique, have a look at the 5 points below. The combination of these points makes every Van Dalism T-shirt a special product in your wardrobe! And this - thanks to the high quality - for the next ten years.

Van Dalism - wanderlust desired!

Stories, that continue to live on!
On our planet, there are so many places where people can experience so many various things. Stories that are worth telling and should not be forgotten. With our breast pockets, the stories are kept alive and continue. The fabrics of our breast pockets, which tell the story, are the core of Van Dalism. A Van Dalism original is not just a shirt, it is a piece of history. A history that can be yours, too.

Fair & ecologically reasonable produced
The manufacturer of our t-shirts forbids any child or forced labour and ensures that employees be fairly compensated by providing wages (more information - Furthermore all t-shirts are certified by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. To allow you to tell the story of your shirt even in ten years’ time, we ensure a very high quality of our products.

Quality instead of quantity!
This statement fits to Van Dalism perfectly. All our original shirts are strictly limited, so that they keep their special touch.

A small pocket against the mainstream
To make sure that you can directly recognize our shirts, which really differ from all of the other common shirts, the breast pocket is reversed on our shirts. With this individual style, everyone can see that you are different.

The print, telling the story!
The print on the back of the shirt tells you the story of the breast pocket. If someone asks you about the fabric of the pocket, you only have to turn it around.

Who are the guys behind Van Dalism?

We“, Janosch, Angelo and  Marc, are friends for a long time and complement ourselves perfectly: Janosch, the creative engine and heart of Van Dalism. Angelo the business man and Marc the marketing manager. As different as we may be, we complement ourselves perfectly. With Van Dalism, we want to create something new. A product that has a soul and to which the customer feels related. Not only we, but also you can identify yourself with the product.

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