Van Dalism produces t-shirts with storytelling fabrics: Every reversed breast pocket of an “Original T-shirt“tells its own story. There are stories from all over the world, such as a fabric from a Voodoo priest of Ghana or from the Baduy – a tribe living in the jungle of Indonesia (all stories). The breast pockets are reversed, because the German guys count on a fair-trade production without any chemicals and don’t want to follow the mainstream. Moreover, the print on the back tells the story of the fabric of the breast pocket (shop).

Van Dalism – storytelling fabrics! Our aim is to create something new, a unique look combined with personality. We love to travel and we love to have what nobody else has. Therefore, we developed the idea of having T-shirts that tell you a story. Our fabrics are from all over the world. However, we do not just purchase any fabric, we carefully look at the story each fabric can tell us. Only the most interesting ones are used for our shirts: a fabric from a Ghanaian Voodoo priest or a handmade fabric from the Baduy tribe from the Indonesian jungle. Our shirts are not just common shirts, but they are storytellers, limited and rare. Treat them with care and support products made with passion and love! More>>>

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